A New Generation Of Traps Are Born!

Following the successful launch at the FITASC World Compak Sporting World Cup in Signes, Laporte are proud to announce the arrival of two of the most innovative traps to date.

Introducing the new 18 column Laporte trap – a revolution in design

New Generation of Traps CPC Laporte

The trap, which features 18 columns with the same diameter as a 12 column, has the capacity to hold 1,000 clays. The 50% increase in clays means 25% less reloading time, less cost and faster results for grounds.

The trap has already been selected for the Commonwealth Games in Australia due to the excellent reputation of Laporte traps. Speaking about the supply of Laporte traps for the Skeet National in October, Pete Masch of the NSCA/NSSA commented ‘Speaking from over 20 years of experience, when you have over 1,600 shooters in a competition, you want everything to go right the first time with no problems.’

Laporte also announce the launch of the PC 70 mm PRO machine. The 70 mm has a capacity of 550 clay targets with an option of up to 700. The 70 mm PRO machine throws 70 mm clays. It brings together the latest technical innovations made to the Laporte range including a new throwing plate for better positioning of the clays, a powerful dual knife clay separation system, anti-shock drop plate and a new body for improved stability.

The traps are due to be exhibited at the British Shooting Show in February 2018.

New Generation of Traps CPC Laporte

Come visit the stand and speak to one of our experienced Laporte team members and technicians. If you would like to demo the 18 column, please call 01949 843777 for details.