NEW! Coyotelight Gen 3 Pro

UK Night Vision Specialists launch new Coyotelight Gen 3 Pro High Performance Gun Light systems.

coyotelight gen 3 pro

Although Scott Country International are experts in all things nocturnally covert such as thermal imaging and night vision, many people still believe on the traditional methods of lamp and day scope.

US built and designed brand Coyotelight have led the field in high performance gun lights, and now have launched the new Coyotelight Gen 3 Pro.

The new Gen 3 CoyoteLight Pro light is the ultimate high performance gun light kit for foxing and predator control over extended ranges, providing a intense bright red beam which will deliver target identification, at ranges previously unobtainable in a gun light kit.

A brand new high performance solid state LED provides 65,000+ hrs run time, and is 100% adjustable in power output, as well as spot to flood adjustment for accurate spotting and targeting.

Use hand held or attach to your riflescope using the supplied scope mount.

With up to 48 hrs run time the CoyoteLight Pro will deliver a super bright focusable beam with illumination out to 1000 yards and full body identification to 600 yards.

It can also be twinned with the Tactical LED grip light, for hand held use, with integrated work light.

For more information visit the Scott Country website.