NEW – CENS ProFlex+ DX5

CENS digital are proud to announce the launch of the new ProFlex+ DX5 model. The module base has an all new gun metal finish and there are now 6 new Metalik colours to choose from.

CENS Proflex DX5

The DX5 features 5 programs to cater for all shooting disciplines.

  • P1: Game Mode
  • P2: Clay Mode
  • P3: Range Mode
  • P4: Wireless Comms
  • P5: Hunter Mode

The all new multi-switch allows for easy program and volume changes.  The device now also features a dedicated on/off button that doubles as a mute function for those moments where concentration is key.  As with all CENS products, the DX5 has been tested and certified to CE EN352 and is supplied with a 2 year warranty and Water-Shield as standard.

CENS Proflex DX5

For more information please visit the CENS digital website.


  1. Ultra-comfortable dual silicone earpiece
  2. Vocal feedback – program & volume change voice notifications
  3. Digital multi-switch for program & volume changes
  4. Water-Shield Nano-Coating water repelling coating
  5. Volume & Program auto-save
  6. 5 optimised programs
  7. Mute function
  8. Digital DSP circuitry
  9. Hundreds of colour combinations
  10. Personal laser marking customisation
  11. Low battery warning indication
  12. Size 13 battery
  13. Approx. 400 hours battery life
  14. CE EN352 tested & certified
  15. 2-year warranty
  16. Wind noise reduction
  17. All new packaging
  18. All new Metalik colours

SRP: £699

Visit our dealers at the British Shooting Show.

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