NEW! Ballistically Brilliant Chronograph

The Shooting Party, (“TSP”), of Shenstone, Staffs, UK, the Shooting & Outdoor Pursuits company, announced today the launch of the AirForceOne® ‘Ballistically Brilliant!™ Chronograph.

Ballistically brilliant chronograph

The ability to test the velocity and muzzle energy of your airgun has always been a vital function to ensure safety and compliance with the law, which limits Air Rifles to muzzle energy of sub 12ft/lbs and Air Pistols to sub 6ft/lbs, without the requirement for a Firearms Certificate. Until now, most Shooters have had to either pay for this testing service or purchase an inconvenient barrel-mounted device or a more expensive mains-powered, professional chronograph.”

Our new Chronograph design is light (Only 230 grams), fully portable, and powered by an internal re-chargeable battery, making it ideal for use in the field. Designed to not only measure Pellet Velocity and Rate of Fire with an accuracy tolerance of: <+ 1.3%, it also records the ambient temperature and humidity at the time of the shot. This can be very useful, when testing the power levels of CO2 powered guns which are particularly sensitive to changes in both temperature and humidity. All measurements are displayed on a clear LCD screen, which can be back-lit for use in low-light conditions. All this data can be downloaded for strings of up to 50 shots to the shooter’s laptop or PC using the USB data cable supplied. Install the down-loadable app from the link provided in the user manual and you can input data, such as pellet weight, to calculate muzzle energy in ft/lbs (FPE) or Joules. The unit measures velocities of between 49 and 2789 feet per second, more than enough range to record even the most powerful FAC PCP. The chrono. is also supplied with a USB charging cable and is screw-cut on its base to allow use with an optional Tripod. Couple these exceptional features with the low retail price of only £119 and we believe we really do have a ‘Ballistically Brilliant’ Chronograph.” said Mike Hurney, Chairman, TSP.

AirForceOne® precision adult airguns and accessories are manufactured for the brand owner, TSP, and exclusively distributed to the UK Trade by them.

SRP: £ 119.99

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