NEW! B525 Ultra XS

B525 Ultra XS Pro Adjustable. In 2018, the Ultra XS range is being extended with this latest model that is certain to delight sporting shooters.

browning ultra xs

It is supplied with eight Invector Titanium extended chokes, two spacers, three Inflex recoil pads and three trigger shoes, and can thus be balanced on demand thanks to a clever weight and counterweight system (gunstock and barrel). The B525 Ultra XS Pro Adjustable is equipped with an adjustable cheek-piece and a trap fore-end. Its technical innovation in no way impairs its elegance, as can be seen in the new engraving decorating its action frame and the T4 wood with oiled finish of which it is made.

browning ultra xs

The B525 Ultra XS Pro AC in a nutshell:

  • 12M/76 & 81 cm (28″, 30″) barrel lengths
  • 10 mm ventilated top rib + ventilated side rib
  • White foresight and intermediary foresight for quick aim
  • 8 INV titanium extended chokes for a shot pattern to suit your requirements
  • Grade 4 Turkish walnut, polished and oiled
  • Stock with adjustable cheek piece, trap fore-end for a perfect grip
  • Gun can be fully adapted to fit the shooter’s body-shape and needs: stock and barrels are ready to accommodate Pro Balance counterweights, supplied with three Inflex recoil pads and three triggers
  • VCI gun sock, Opaline carry case
  • Weight:3.7 kg
  • Available in left-handed version

Recommended retail price@ 4.699€ / £3645.00