RX. HELIX – The Rifle for the 21st Century

Merkel Helix

Merkel have set out to design the ultimate hunting rifle for the twenty-first century and what they’ve come up with is the RX. Helix.

It is the desire of every hunter to humanely dispatch their quarry with a perfectly placed single shot, but sometimes there is the need for a quick follow up shot. In these situations speed is of the essence. The Merkel RX. Helix’s straight pull action is one of the fastest on the market today.

RX. Helix Noblesse

With elegance and subtle fine touches the Noblesse is the Helix for the grand stage of driven hunting. This premium rifle will win over the connoisseur in every way. As for wood, it is the finest rifle in the Helix range. Grade 7 wooden stocks with filled pores and a true oil finish. Combined with the fluted barrel, the rifle saves on weight and exudes class. The fine touches: the small pistol grip cap and the fore-end, with the characteristic Merkel Schanbel, are made of ebony. To top it all off the Noblesse has a gold-plated trigger.

Available in all calibres.

Merkel Helix

RX. Helix Alpinist Green

The Helix Alpinist has the right stock for hunting in the wilderness. This synthetic stock with soft-touch significantly dampens recoil, is robust and creates the visual conditions for the hunter to get close to the game.

Designed for accurate long-range shots: The Helix Alpinist doesn’t just cut a fine figure in mountain hunting. The bipod adapter, as standard, acts as a stable rest in all terrains. Because it is the stock, that hits: The smooth vertical cheek piece allows for a quick, safe and always reproducible shooting position – a functional delicacy for specialists.

Now available with a synthetic green stock and appealing advantages for this high-tech material: low-noise, soft material that allows a firm hold, particularly in cold conditions, and a fore-end that can be used with all barrel contours.

Available in all calibres.

Merkel Helix

RX. Helix Sporter

The thumbhole stock originates from shooting sports, but also shows off its advantages in stalking, high stand and driven hunting.

The Helix Sporter becomes even more dynamic with this stock optimisation; the visual optimisation symbolises its field of use, situated somewhere between hunting and sporting use.

The thumbhole stock of the Sporter optimises the ergonomics when firing and allows for quick follow-up shots. Merkel sells this thumbhole stock in wood-classes 2, 4 and 5. It is optimised especially for the truly linear action of the Helix system.

Available in all calibres.

Merkel Helix

The Helix breaks down without the need for any tools. Simply remove the fore-end, pull the action to the rear and unlock the barrel to remove it from the receiver. This rifle is also inter-changeable between calibres. Merkel produce three separate bolt heads that enable the shooter to switch between mini, standard and magnum rounds. To remove the bolt head simply follow the same take down procedure as outlined previously, but instead of pulling the action to the rear before unlocking the barrel, leave it closed,  unlock the barrel, remove it as normal and the bolt head will be released inside the barrel.

Why have multiple platforms for different species? The RX. Helix gives you everything in one stunning package.

Merkel RX. Helix Calibres

Mini: .222 Rem; .223 Rem

Standard: .243 Win; 6.5x55SE; .270 Win; 7×64; .308 Win; .30-06 Springfield; 8x57IS; 9.3×62

Magnum:  7 mm Rem Mag; .300 Win Mag.