Long Range Riflescope Developed for Sniper Rifles

The ZD 6-24 x 56 RD is a precision long range riflescope developed for sniper rifles in order to achieve deadly-accurate shot placement at extreme distances. The new Mil Dot 2 illuminated reticle with integrated range-finding markers is calibrated for accurate target estimation in standard calibres 7.62 x 51 NATO, .308, .338 WM and 12.7 mm. Third turret parallax adjustment ranges from 25 m to infinity, guaranteeing precision aiming at any desired range.

Meopta ZD 6-24x56 RD

Advanced illumination system situated on the ocular offers push-button control of the illumination with 256 settings of bright and adverse lighting conditions.

Meopta ZD 6-24x56 RD


RD Illuminated reticle System

RD equipped riflescopes feature a highly defined illuminated red dot reticle. A third turret controller allows the user to c hoose between a minimum of seven reticle intensity settings for extremely low-light to bright daylight conditions. Intermediate off positions between every setting allows the user find their preferred illumination setting quickly.

MeoBright 5501

A propietary ion-assisted lens multi-coating applied to all air-to-glass optical surfaces. developed by Meopta, MeoBright 5501 ion-assisted multi-coatings eliminate glare and reflections and delivers an industry leading 99.8% light transmission per lens surface.


MeoShield ion-assisted coating protects external lens surfaces and delivers enhanced resistance to scratching or abrasion in extreme conditions. MeoShield meets military specifications for durability and surface hardness.

MeoTrak II Elevation and Windage Control

Meotrak II posi-click finger adjustable windage and elevation turrets deliver precise, ¼ MOA (0, 7 cm/100 m) click adjustment with superior repeatability, unparalleled tracking capability and ultimate accuracy. Positive tactile and audible clicks ensure accurate zeroing and adjustability in the field.


MeoQuick fast-focus eyepiece rapidly brings your target into sharp focus and provides extra diopter travel to accommodate a wider range of visual acuity variations.

Lens Components

Individual lens components are meticulously ground and polished in-house and precisely matched for superior performance.

Etched Glass Reticle

Precision etched glass reticle delivers exceptional target definition for all shooting applications.

Erector System

Developed to provide maximum holding force to withstand heavy calibre recoil.

30 mm Main Tube Construction

One piece, aircraft grade aluminium 30 mm main tube is “ELOX” hard anodized for an incredibly durable, scratch resistant, non-reflective matte black finish.


All riflescopes are 100% guaranteed waterproof, submersible and are fully protected against humidity, rain and snow.

Fog Proof

All riflescopes are purged and sealed with inert Nitrogen gas to provide 100% guaranteed fog proof performance.

Shock Proof

All riflescopes are 100% guaranteed shock proof to withstand impacts and heavy calibre recoil.

10 Years Transferable Warranty

All tactical riflescopes carry Meopta’s 10 Years Transferable Warranty (after registration).