MEGGITT Turning Target System

Meggitt Training Systems AA2 single Turning target System at the British Shooting Show 2020.

Meggitt target system

Meggitt Training Systems’ Single Turning Target System (Model AA2) improves live-fire training through unpredictable, fast-action target presentation to the shooter. Easily programmed to randomly maneuver the target holder to the left, right, or in 90° increments up to 360°, the system may also present a complete, unexpected turn at the direction of a predetermined scenario. The ability to rotate a target up to 360° in random directions ensures the shooters target actions are not anticipated, providing a realistic environment for specialised training. The highly accurate hit sensor detects, responds and reports hits, and responds to the received hit sensor signal, making it suitable for any training scenario. The system also provides a myriad of range scenario opportunities.

  • May be programmed with the RangeMaster™ control system to a variety of hit scenarios, including conceal, conceal and expose, or conceal after a predetermined numbers of hits are received.
  • Through a series of pull-down menus or pre-written scenario scripts, the RangeMaster™ allows manual and programmed control of the Single Turning Target System.
  • Targets are controlled individually, simultaneously, or sequentially, with the RangeMaster™ monitor providing a graphic representation of the range layout a real time display of target conditions.
  • Each target’s hit sensitivity can be selected remotely from the Meggitt Range Control Systems (RCS), allowing it to adapt to a vast array of munitions. The actuator reports attributes, status and hit data back to the RCS in real time, permitting quick adjustments in training situations.
  • Hit sensing: 600 hits/minute remotely adjustable sensitivity.
  • The universal target clamp is capable of supporting US Army Type E/F and 3D Targets, as well as NATO Fig 11, 12 and 15 targets. Target material can be molded plastic, wood or metal.
  • Ceiling or ground mount options and slim profile allow for an extensive variety of placements throughout any firing range.

Meggitt’s Single Turning Target System provides extensive, comprehensive live-fire training emphasising, unpredictable situations. Designed for random and concealed placements throughout the indoor or outdoor live-fire range, this system can be configured to enhance training exercises to the fullest potential.

Technical Specifications

  1. Hit Sensing: Up to 600 hits/minute
  2. Actuations and Hit Modes: Expose, conceal, 90° rotation up to 360°
  3. Expose/Conceal Time: .5 second
  4. Turn time 90°: .33 second
  5. Max Target Weight: 10 pounds
  6. Target Size: Holds multiple target types
  7. Power Supply: AC Power 115 VAC/230 VAC 50 Hz
  8. Weight of Unit: 48 lbs. (21.8 kg)
  9. Target Shaft Length: 2 to 4 feet
  10. Actuator Enclosure Dim: 8” x 8” x 24”

Additional equipment required for normal use and operation: RangeMaster™ Range Control System.

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