Mauser’s M12 Impact – The Stalking Rifle that can Really Reach Out

M12 Impact

The Mauser brand has stood as a symbol for the real, successful hunting experience for over 140 year. All hunting rifles made by Mauser are based on traditional, down-to-earth values, combined with the most modern of rifle technology. Reliable, state-of-the-art firearm technology, solid one-piece steel structures, the Mauser double square bridge and exceptional inventive talent are what fascinates hunters all over the world and now the historic German gunmaker has launched one of the toughest rifles on the market, the M12 Impact.

Back in 2013 Mauser, who are part of the Blaser group that also includes Sauer, released their M12 fixed barrel rifle. The M12 was built to be an affordable Mauser, factory tested out to around 300 – 400 metres, which all sounds normal for a hunting rifle, but Blaser were contacted by a customer who said that the rifle was “not fit for purpose”. As you can imagine, this isn’t something any company wants to hear about their product. This particular customer had bought a Mauser M12, wanted to shoot it at much longer distances and couldn’t dial it far enough. To be fair, the M12 was never designed for this in mind, but Blaser took this critique on board, approached Mauser, who responded favourably, and off they all went to work on developing a new rifle.

The Impact has many characteristics of the original M12, but there are a few differences. It has a cold-hammer forged matte-silver 20″ stainless steel fluted barrel which, along with the action are coated in a synthetic material called ilaflon. This coating is able repel anything you might get on it during a hunting trip, such as rain, snow, perspiration, blood, etc. The barrel is threaded for a moderator as standard, and weighing in at only 6.75 lb, the rifle is very light.

M12 Impact

Another significant feature fitted as standard is the 20 minute of angle (MOA) Picatinny rail. This means that when the rifle is zeroed the barrel is 20 MOA higher in relation to the scope. Available in .243 and .308 the M12 Impact has a crisp single-stage trigger.

The bolt handle has been extended and has a 60° lift, ensuring that operating it is instinctive and smooth. The rifle retains the three position safety catch – Forward position to fire; middle position for safe, but with the bolt operational, and the rear position for safe with the bolt locked. The bolt head uses six solid lugs. A detachable five-round zig-zag magazine ensures a smooth feed, with the wide-loading breech allowing for easy top-loading. The stock is the Extreme, which is the heavy synthetic stock.

M12 Impact

So, did Mauser deliver on the brief given by Blaser? They certainly did. The Mauser M12 Impact is a hunting/stalking rifle that if you want it to will stretch out to 1000 m and slightly beyond.

Robert Sajitz, CEO of Blaser Sporting Ltd, which imports Mauser rifles said: “We designed this rifle with the UK in mind. It’s built to deal with any variable in conditions, be those in unpredictable weather or harsh landscapes. Its accuracy is second to none, and for long-range shooting out-of-the-box, there is no equivalent on the market. The light weight is a huge asset for the active stalker, to someone who has to cover a lot of ground to get into range of their quarry. We are extremely proud of this rifle. I really believe that you cannot beat the Impact in terms of value for money and performance it offers at this price or any price for that matter. It is a true Mauser. All performance, no nonsense.”

Key Features

  • 3-position SRS firing pin safety
  • Solid steel 20 MOA picatinny rail
  • Uncompromising, crisp single-stage trigger
  • detachable 5-round zigzag magazine
  • Ergonomic extended bolt handle with 60° lift
  • Bolt head with six solid lugs for maximum safety
  • Bipod adapter
  • Wide loading breech (allowing for top loading)
  • Outstanding bolt throw
  • High accuracy thanks to direct locking in the cold hammer forged barrel
  • Detailed plastic stock with non-slip SoftTouch coating
  • Ilaflon coating for maximum rust protection
  • Short, light, fluted barrel, threaded for moderator (15×1) incl. cap
  • Superb handling due to compact light build

RRP: From £1,150