Marocchi Evo – A stylish Italian shotgun ideal for the coming clay shooting season

Viking Arms

Following on from the successful Zero3, the new Evo offers features and quality that until now were only found in much more expensive guns.

The Evo is now thinner and wider increasing stability and providing a lower profile to improve the feeling of the gun. The new ejection design makes the gun stronger and more precise, while the smooth boring barrels improve the pattern and reduce the recoil. Made in Sporting and Trap versions, with a choice of black or nickel action, and over 2 years in development.

Viking Arms


• Barrel length: Trap – 30” removeable chokes or 29.5” fixed chokes Sporting – 28”, 30”, 32” removeable chokes
• Barrel: 18,5 / 18, 6 smooth bore; long forcing cone
• Chambre: 70mm, 3”
• Choke: interchangeble chokes, high concentry and low gap – 5 choke 7cm included
• Forearm: Trap – Beavertail, Sporting – Schnabel
• Recoil Rubber Pad: Trap – 20mm, Sporting – 15mm
• Trigger: Adjustable blade in 3 positions, Inertia functioning
• Pull weight:
Trap – 1,300kg – 1,500kg Sporting – 1,500kg – 1,800kg
• Weight:
Trap – 3,500kg – 3,600kg Sporting – 3,300kg – 3,500kg
• Rib: 10mm x 10mm
• Adjustable comb and/or adjustable pitch as optional feature
• Hand polished and blued barrel finishing
• 44mm low profile frame wider
• Automatic ejector, Marocchi fast system

SRP £1,854

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