March Scopes At The British Shooting Show

Deon Optical Design are the proud creators and designers of March Rifle Scopes. We believe shooters deserve the best possible optics to succeed in all aspects of competition and hunting situations, we have produced a March rifle scope for every situation. March Rifle Scopes are built to the highest optical standards possible and with our focus and attention to detail makes us the leaders in rifle scope design and production heading into the 21st century.

March rifle Scopes

Proudly made in Japan

More than 150 parts are used in the construction of a March Rifle Scope. We only use Japanese made parts in our rifle scopes, to meet our need for the highest quality and finest tolerances. Optical quality and performance demands precision engineering skills that cannot be compromised by using second best.

Designed by expert engineers

Our engineers have more than three decades of experience in optical design and manufacture. This experience is clear in the design, quality, reduced weight and attention to detail in every rifle scope produced.

Assembled by Japanese Craftsmen

Whether hunting or in competition, recoil dominates our shooting sport. The repeated shock of recoil, sometimes up to 1,000 times the force of gravity, will break poorly assembled equipment. March Rifle Scopes are built to cope with repeated recoil. The March Rifle Scope you buy has been hand assembled by one of our skilled craftsmen and inspected 20 times before it leaves our factory. The attention to detail means March Rifle Scopes will provide superior performance in the severest of weather conditions.

March Rifles Scopes are exhibiting at the British Shooting Show. Visit their stand in Zone C6