Limited Edition Schwarzwild Sets

Schwarzwild sets available as limited edition: Minox binoculars with PUMA Schwarzwild Knives

Minox Schwarzwild sets

The optics specialists from Wetzlar are offering the MINOX BV 8×56 and MINOX BL 8×56 HD as sets to include the highly functional and professional PUMA Schwarzwild hunting knife – the perfect companions for hunting wild boar and deer.

In addition to the tried and tested entry model MINOX BV 8×56, the new MINOX BL 8×56 HD – Made in Germany, with its large field of view and HD high performance glass is also available in a limited-edition set. Both binoculars are characterized by their bright, state-of-the-art optical systems with multi-layered lens elements and are the perfect companions for intense hunting in moonlight or twilight.

A perfect supplement to these binoculars is the high-quality Puma Schwarzwild knife – professional, functional and extremely robust, and perfect for heavy duty work on strong game. The grooved spine and finger guard offer a safe and secure use of the knife.

Minox Schwarzwild Sets

The MINOX Schwarzwild sets are available with immediate effect and only for a limited time.