Leupold Introduce the NEW LTO Tracker Thermal Optic

LTO Tracker

November will see the release of the new Leupold LTO Tracker. This will be Leupold’s first thermal imaging optic and it’s not designed to be mounted onto firearm, but has been built to aid hunters in the observation, tracking and recovery of shot game.

The compact LTO Tracker measures just 5.6″ in length and weighs in at less than 10 oz, making it incredibly potable and able to comfortably fit into trouser pockets. Equipped with a 6x digital zoom and a 21° field of view, this thermal device will detect the heat source of your game out to 600 yds. With six colour pallets to choose from the user is able to select the most effective and precise view.

LTO Tracker

The LTO Tracker is effective in a wide range of weather conditions from -4 – 140° fahrenheit and has a waterproof rating of IP67. It is powered by a single CR123 battery that is capable of over 10 hours continuous use and once the power button is pressed the start up time is under three seconds.

This fantastic, extremely compact. state-of-the-art is the perfect tracking and observation tool for any game hunter or vermin controller. Tim Lesser, vice president of product development for Leupold & Stevens, Inc., said “We see thermal as a vital tool in any hunter’s kit, just like binoculars or laser rangefinders. For observation and recovering downed game, the LTO Tracker will help hunters find success in the field.”

LTO Tracker


  • Thermal Sensor … 206 x 156
  • Detection Distance … 600 yards
  • Field of View … 21 Degree FOV
  • Operating Temperature … -4F to 140F
  • Frame Rate … 30 Hz FastFrame
  • Focus … Fixed Foxus
  • Zoom … 6x Digital Zoom
  • Display … Direct View 1.22″ Round
  • Display Resolution … 240 x 204
  • Colour Pallets … 6 Optional Colour Pallets
  • Startup Time … <3 seconds
  • CR123 Battery Live … 10 Hours Continuous Use
  • Country of Origin … USA
  • Warrenty … 5 Year Electronics Warranty