Leah Southall, One of Great Britain’s Up and Coming Young shots

Leah Southall

Like many youngsters, Leah Southall developed and interest in sport by watching her father take part and compete. The sport that Leah’s father competed in was sporting clay pigeon shooting. After two or three years of accompanying him to the shooting ground, watching and scoring his card Leah decided that she wanted to get more involved and take part herself, although she’d already made her mind up that sporting wasn’t what she wanted to take part in and looked around for an alternative. Trap shooting was something that took her fancy and Leah decided that Down The Line, (DTL), was what she would concentrate on.

Back in March Leah purchased a Miroku MK 38 12 bore trap gun and is coached by Lee Kirby, who is an excellent shot on the DTL circuit, at the Mid-Wales Shooting Centre.

Leah entered her first registered shoot in May and posted a score of 63/100. After numerous practice shoot and a number of registered events she was approached to join the Staffordshire County Shooting Team, what was a very welcome surprise for the 13 year old, considering the amount if time that she’d been shooting.

Ranton Clay target Club was the ground on which Leah became county junior champion. Her next county shoot was at the West Midlands Inter Counties DTL Championship. The event was hosted by the Fauxdegla Shooting Ground in Wales. Individually, Leah had a very successful event scoring 96/100, which was a personal best. She became Ladies High Gun and her performance contributed to the Staffordshire Ladies team winning silver.

Leah Southall


Leah then went onto her first major competition which was the Gamebore DTL Grand Prix at Mid-Wales. The competition was held over two days and on the second day of competition Leah posted her first 25/25. The following week she competed in another two day event, the DTL Grand Masters at Fauxdegla. The weather conditions were extremely windy and on both days competitors remarked that the targets were more like ABT as they were flying everywhere.

In October Leah was invited to attend the 2016 Staffordshire presentation event, held at Dovebridge Shooting Ground. Leah was presented with the best newcomer award, 2016. To finish off the 2016 season, Leah is competing in the DTL Winter Series. By the end of the year she will have competed in 22 registered DTL events with a total of 3,000 targets to her name.

Leah Southall

Over the past few years Great Britain has discovered some fantastic and exciting talent within the shooting world. Leah Southall is a young lady that we will watch carefully and there is little doubt that with her continued attitude towards training and competition she has the potential to go very far in the sport.