With happy customers worldwide. Balindore are being kept extremely busy with constant demand for their high quality crafted sport/gunboxes. Individually commissioned, these pieces can be fashioned in a traditional manner, or in a contemporary style harmonious with the vehicles design detailing. Balindore now offer a service of further personalisation to your commission from carved details and monograms to timber choices and remote locking systems. 

Mr Ted Bauer of Stockholm, Sweden recently took delivery of his gunbox, specifically designed for his shotguns and rifle. The box has ‘case coloured’ handles, a roller pin lock for the rifle and shotguns and drawers for six shot glasses and two bottles.  Cartridges are carried in the draw and there is ample room to carry other accessories such as gloves, sunglasses and jacket etc.  

Mr Bauer who sells Country Shooting Estates will also be taking on the sales of Balindore Gunboxes in Sweden.  

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