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Balindore’s signature of quality and style established in interior furnishings and design includes the crafting of sports/gunboxes. Individually commissioned, these pieces can be fashioned in a traditional manner, or in a contemporary style harmonious with the vehicle’s design detailing. Balindore also offer the service of further personalisation to your commission from carved details and monograms to timber choices and remote locking systems. Specialists in bespoke gunboxes.

Balindore can custom make your perfect shooting accessories to accompany your gun box or to have that unique item

Balindore Tantalus, made in highly figured walnut, 12 hand engraved crystal glasses with game scenes, chest of pheasant feathers laid under liquid glass, and a small drawer for cigars.

Balindore cartridge bags come in 50/100 cartridge size and in many leathers, ostrich and shark in these pictures, but also in crocodile, elephant.

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