Laporte-CPC Launch New Range Of Game Changing Traps

The market leading manufacturers of clay pigeon traps have supported many of the top shooting grounds across the UK to deliver that little bit eXtra in their events and competitions.

Laporte-CPC has been the supplier of clay traps for the last eight consecutive Olympic Games, including Rio 2016 where the 185PC 12C PRO trap was used.


The British Shooting Show 2017 played host to the launch of the new Laporte-CPC range of game changing traps.

Gaylia Fallon, General Manager, Laporte-CPC said, “What better time and place to launch our new and innovative product range than at the biggest trade show of the year, The British Shooting show. Laporte-CPC have been working hard this past year in order to present this exciting new development at this important event. Bringing you a wide range of game changing trap designed to deliver that little bit extra for shooting grounds and competitors alike”.

The new and enhanced trap has a completely new carousel and carousel base, but retains the same chassis and clay positioning finger system as the 185PC 12C PRO. What is different is the number of columns has increased from twelve to eighteen, and even with this column increase the trap retains its original dimensions – the same height, 1.2 m and same weight, 70 kg – but, holds 50% more (standard) clays.

There are five new patents on the trap and Laporte-CPC will be launching the DTL and the Skeet before launching the Sporting towards the end of the summer months. The tower trap will have the capacity to hold 1,400 clays. It’s also designed in such a way that it is very easy to adjust regardless of the operators build. It can be adjusted to 65° drop or tilt forward and back, as well as up to 45° tilt left and right.