Save 15% On KUIU At The British Shooting Show

There’s no doubt that KUIU has become one of the leading hunting brands on the market since it was launched back in 2011. Since then KUIU has built up a huge following and a loyal customer base. This following has come from an almost exclusive online and social media based campaign with the company founder, Jason Hairston, blogging about the materials used, suppliers, manufacturing processes, etc. The brand is an exclusive e-commerce product which allows KUIU to use the highest quality materials on the market. Because of this exclusive and dedicated online point of sale they are able to invest the normal high dealership markups into better quality products and as a direct result, produce the highest technical clothing on the market.

The team at the British Shooting show are very excited that KUIU will exhibiting their vast range of products. The visiting public will have the opportunity to handle, try on and see first hand the quality of all the KUIU gear. There will also be the opportunity to speak directly to the KUIU team, with Pedro Ampuero, European Manager of Brand Development on the stand to answer any questions or enquiries about the brand.


Speaking to the British Shooting Show Pedro said, “We will be giving a 15% discount on orders placed at the show, but we will not be selling directly at the show. We have a thousand references between different colours, sizes and models, it would be impossible to bring everything in every colour and every size for people to by directly there. People can see the whole line, try the sizes and place an order at the show with our help.”

The KUIU exhibition stand can be located in Gunmaker’s Hall 1, Zone 19.