Shown for the first time on any market will be the new Krieghoff K-20 Parcours.  The K-80 Parcours was first shown at the British Shooting Show in 2012 and it was an instant success due to the fantastic handling.  The ‘Parcours” has made its home in both competitive clay target shooting and on Game shoots.  It is the latter that has pushed constantly for a 20b version.    Finally, the gun is ready to bring to market and the first models show the same fine handling characteristics of the 12b version.  As standard the K-20 will have 32” barrels as that is clearly the market demand.  In fact, in the 12b version the 32” model accounts for more than 97% of all sales in the UK.  Even with 32” barrels, the K-20 Parcours weighs in at between 7.1/4 and 7.1/2 lbs.  Not a feather light gun but the ideal weight for good consistent performance with excellent recoil management.

A new engraving pattern has been created for the Parcours 20, just as we did with the 12b version back in 2012.  Eventually the Parcours 20 will be available with all the standard engraving patterns.  The stock and forearm wood follow the same slim lines as the Parcours 12 bore and are offered in right and left hand versions.

Delivery is likely to be around the middle of this year and in good time for the game season, which we see as the main area of demand.

See the Krieghoff range on the Alan Rhone Stand in Hall 1 Zone 19.

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