Ian Sweetman Gun & Rifle Maker

Ian Sweetman is an acclaimed gunmaker and award-winning finisher who has been working in the gun trade since he was 15 years old.

Ian Sweetman

His career started at Atkin Grant & Lang Gunmakers, where he worked as an apprentice, undertaking repairs and restoring heritage English guns. Ian felt that he wanted to take the next step and further his knowledge of the craft, and therefore progressed to a position at Westley Richards & Co., learning how to build bolt action rifles. With an already impressive gunmaking CV, Ian was not ready to stop learning, and made the decision to move companies and cities to work for one of London’s most prestigious gunmakers, James Purdey & Son’s. Ian completed a second apprenticeship in finishing whilst with James Purdey and gained his papers from the London Proof House. He was then presented with a McMillan Award for Excellence in Gunmaking for his outstanding work on a 20 bore Purdey.

After five years at James Purdey, Ian took another step in his career and was promoted to Bolt Action Rifle Leader, where he managed the team who develop and produced a new Purdey bolt action rifle. This rifle has been a huge accomplishment for Ian and James Purdey as a company, with positive feedback from some of the harshest critics in the trade and proven success in the field. It has been quoted as “the most accurate best London bolt action rifle ever produced.”

Ian Sweetman

Ian now runs his own gunmaking company, specialised in finishing and rifle work, but also covering all areas of repairs, servicing, alterations, restorations and new builds. Ian’s vast experience working within this industry has enabled him to build a wealth of knowledge and hand on skills, allowing I.S Sweetman Gun & Rifle Makers to produce the highest standard of work over a range of different projects.

Talking to Ian hes says, “We specialise in fine English guns, with over a decade of experience working with best quality shotguns and rifles. We repair and restore a large amount of heritage guns, but also work on more modern European makes such as Browning, Beretta and Perazzi, amongst others.”