Game Shooting

 Game Shooting

Below is the updated list of single pegs we have left to let on the Roving Syndicate for the 2016-2017 UK Game Shooting Season.

We have also included current dates for Argentina 2017 – available to single guns and teams of up to 11 in either of our 3 lodges. 

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Game Shooting

Coombe End – Gloucestershire

We have one peg left for Friday 24th June 2016 at Coombe End Manor – simulated clays.

£350 + VAT for the day.

Game Shooting

Belvoir Castle – Leicestershire

Wednesday 28th September

300 partridges – 2 pegs left

Wednesday 26th October

300 mixed – 3 pegs left 

Monday 19th December

300 mixed – 2 pegs left 

Game Shooting

Salperton Park – Gloucestershire

Thursday 8th September

300 partridges – 1 peg left

Thursday 13th October

300 partridges – 1 peg left 

Thursday 29th December

300 mixed – 4 pegs left

Game Shooting

Teffont Magna – Wiltshire

Friday 23rd September

400 partridges – 2 pegs left

Game Shooting

Snilesworth – North Yorkshire

Friday 16th September

350 partridges – 5 pegs left

Game Shooting

Farndale – North Yorkshire

Saturday 17th September

400 partridges – 3 pegs left

Game Shooting

Glanusk – Powys

Saturday 15th October

350 pheasants – 2 pegs left 

Game Shooting

Lillycombe – Exmoor

Monday 7th November

400 mixed – 2 pegs left 

Game Shooting

Challacombe – Exmoor

Tuesday 8th November

300 mixed – 2 pegs left 

Game Shooting

Hexton – Hertfordshire

Monday 21st November

350 pheasants – 4 pegs left

Game Shooting

Coombe End – Gloucestershire

Wednesday 14th December

350 mixed – 1 peg left

Game Shooting

Argentina 2017

Current available dates for Pica Zuro Lodge, Cordoba for early 2017.

March 2-5

March 3-6

March 11-14

March 18-21

March 24-27

April 10-13

April 13-16

April 22-25

April 25-28

Please email us today for more information or visit our website here.

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