HPS Target Rifle Ltd at The British Shooting Show 2017

HPS Target Rifle

HPS Target Rifle are an ammunition manufacturer, target rifle, Stock and reloading supplier open to the public and trade at our workshop in Gloucestershire. You can also fund us at various competitions throughout the year staged at the National Rifle Ranges, Bisley. Our range of Target Master Long Range Match Ammunition consists of  .223 Remington, .308 Winchester, 303 British and many other calibres up to .338 Lapua Magnum. We offer a service for machine and hand loading new ammunition or full resizing to factory standard, cleaning and reloading fired ammunition for clubs, ranges and individuals who wish to shoot accurately from 100 yards out to 1 mile. A bespoke ammunition tailoring service is also available, creating ladder tests and accuracy loads from our 20+ years of reloading experience.

HPS Target Rifles are importers and distributors for Sierra Bullets and offer a wide range of Propellant powders from Vihtavouri and Reload Swiss and Primers from CCI and Murom. However, if it’s factory standard ammunition you need, we are able to source and supply from Barnaul, PPU, RWS, CBC, Magtech, Lapua, Sellior and Bellot, Fiocchi and many more for rimfire, centrefire and revolver calibres.

As the UK importer for the range of Wipe-Out Patch-Out cleaning products and Royal Die Lube, we stock the best barrel cleaner that money can buy to remove carbon, powder and primer fouling, lead, copper and moly, best of all it’s completely water based and will not harm your barrel, if you think your rifle is clean then use Wipe-Out Patch-Out to really find out.

Our range of rifle stocks – the HPS Convertible Rifle Stock is capable of fitting an Anschutz 22LR one day, being set up for a Target Rifle Competition in the afternoon and to F-Open in the evening by using interchangeable V-Block aluminium bedding blocks, allowing crushless bedding and a quick change between disciplines. We also provide the range of GRS Laminate stocks and offer a complete V- Block bedding service for our rifles that are manufactured using these. We also offer a complete wooden stock bedding and refinishing service where we truly renew your old stock back to its former glory by removing old and worn finishes.

Our complete target rifles are manufactured in our workshop using RPA Quadlock, Quadlite or Barnard P and Barnard S rifle actions in a variety of calibers with barrels from Lothar Walther or Bartlein. We use sights from Rangemaster Precision Arms, Centra, Gehmann and Anschutz for our Target Rifle builds and scopes from Nightforce and Sightron where needed for F-Class. All rifle build machining is carried out on site including testing and proof before handing to you.

HPS Target Rifle

A complete range of additional accessories are available at our workshop or  from our website, including rifle cases and bags, ammo boxes, chronographs, shooting gloves, capes, shooting mats, elbow pads and caps to name but a few.

International customers are more than welcome as we hold international licences for export of firearms, ammunition and specific components for a number of countries and have set in place international freight services for movement all over the world, our ammunition can be bought in the UK, Barbados and Oman!

HPS Target Rifles will be exhibiting at the British Shooting Show 2017 and you will be able to see them on their stand in Gunmaker’s Hall 3.