Following the 2013 World Field Target Championships, Derek Rose of Rowan Engineering listened to comments made by the returning UK shooters.  Rowan noted a lot of the comments were made about the wide variations between the high and low targets presented over the course.  This had given the European shooters the edge over the UK shooters as they had prepared and practiced for this type of shooting, and more importantly had the equipment to help them. 

This re-ignited an idea that had been discussed two years earlier and so in June 2014, with the help of the 2013 World FT Champion John Costello, work began on designing a mechanism that would enable FT shooters to adjust the forend  rest quickly between the course’s low and high targets.  There were other devices on the market available to shooters but most had serious limitations due to the locking mechanisms, which were difficult to operate and often resulted in grazed knuckles when making adjustments.  The time taken to make adjustments during competitions was also costly and there were many incidents of the mechanism ‘’slipping’’ when lining up the shot.  

By September 2014 the prototype Hamster or Adjustable Forend Mechanism had been successfully tested and the first batch had been produced and ready to go on sale.  As soon as the mechanism became available to the public they sold out immediately!

The ingenuity of the design and the high quality engineering of the component parts have all come together in a mechanism that unlocks and locks solidly with very little effort needed.  In fact the mechanism rapidly locks/unlocks in just a quarter of a turn and can be operated simply with the finger and thumb, all within a couple of seconds.

Mounting adaptors are available for the accessory tee rail, wooden stock mounting plate, Ari Arms FTP 900 adaptor, and for the FWB P80 rifle.   Shooters can use the Rowan Engineering palm shelf, use the existing hamster supplied with their rifle or fit one of their own making. Some shooters are even integrating the mechanism into custom stocks.

FT shooters can now compete with confidence knowing they can quickly adjust between low and high targets in the one lane well within the allotted time limit and with the knowledge that the mechanism will not slip while taking the shot.   

The Adjustable Forend Mechanism has achieved everything it set out to achieve and more.  It has become the ‘’must have’’ hamster adjuster mechanism for the serious shooter and is selling fast worldwide. 

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