Hornady launches a new rimfire calibre into the UK


British vermin controllers can look forward to Hornady’s innovative new rimfire calibre being launched, the .17WSM.  

Designed to sit between the .17HMR and the centrefire round .17 Hornet, the brand new .17WSM (Winchester Super Magnum) is cheaper to shoot than the majority of vermin calibres on the market today, while still offering excellent ballistic qualities. 

With a 20-grain V-Max bullet, which has Hornady’s trademark polymer tip, the .17WSM has a muzzle velocity of 3,000fps, and can maintain velocities of more than 2,000fps at 200 yards, an excellent ballistic performance. 


V-Max bullets, a tried-and-tested design, are renowned for their high ballistic coefficient, with the maximum bearing surface adding excellent in-flight stability. The swaged lead core means the tip can build up energy before smashing into the core, thus giving the V-Max’s trademark lethal expansion. 

Distributed by Edgar Brothers, the UK’s largest wholesaler of firearms and ammunition, Hornady’s .17WSM is the ideal bullet for dealing with foxes, rabbits and rats, allowing the vermin controller to deal with pests at all distances.

MSRP: £38.50/100

For more information, visit shootingsports.edgarbrothers.com