The World of Holland and Holland

A Holland & Holland gun is celebrated throughout the world as the perfect combination of artistry and craftsmanship.

To understand why, you need simply to pick one up, balance it in your hands and allow your eyes to take in every detail of its lines.

Hand carved and shaped by highly skilled craftsmen to fit the customer to within a thousandth of an inch Holland & Holland guns have been the benchmark for excellence in the gun trade since 1835.

The company was founded by Harris Holland in London in 1835 and by the turn of the 19th century had become one of the best known and highly regarded London gun and rifle makers. Taken forward by his nephew, Henry, who became a partner in 1867 (from then on the company was known as Holland & Holland), the company built a gun factory in Kensal Green in 1898 which has since been in continuous use, and which today combines all the wonders of modern component making technology, with the same care and craftsmanship in the gunmaking and finishing operations that Harris and Henry Holland inspired in all their craftsmen all those years ago.

Holland and Holland

Since 1835, the name of Holland & Holland has been recognised as the benchmark of excellence throughout the world. This quintessentially British company’s heritage of superb craftsmanship has formed the basis of its transformation into a global luxury goods brand that focuses on authenticity, heritage and style.

Holland & Holland also has its very own Shooting Grounds which offers unrivalled facilities for the sporting gun. Set in one hundred acres of rolling woodland and open countryside, just 17 miles from Central London. Whether you just want a few practice shots before the season starts, solve a problem with your shooting style or simply learn from scratch, the experienced instructors at the Shooting Grounds will be able to assist you, whatever your needs.

Holland and Holland are sponsoring the Hand Engravers Association stand at the British Shooting Show 2017.