Henry Repeating Arms upholds its position as America’s leading lever action manufacturer with the introduction of their Henry Big Boy Silver, Big Boy Steel .41 Magnum and All-Weather Lever Action rifles.

The Big Boy Silver debuts as a new addition to the Henry Silver Series. Offered in three calibers: .44 Mag/, .45LC and .357 Mag/.38 Spl, the Big Boy Silver has a hardened silver receiver that has the same tensile and yield strength as steel. The frame, barrel band, and buttplate surfaces can be cleaned and polished at home to maintain the brightly gleaming silver look for generations to come. 

Henry’s line of Big Boy Steel rifles has expanded to introduce a .41 Magnum caliber. The Big Boy Steels are designed for the modern hunters who prefer something a bit lighter than Henry’s brass-framed Big Boys. Weighing in at 7lbs, they hang their 20″ round barrel and checkered walnut furniture on a matte-finished blued steel frame that’s drilled & tapped for optional scope mounts. The adjustable Western-style sights and sliding transfer bar “safety” system in their hammer is the same as the Big Boys’. Unique features include a ventilated rubber recoil pad for easy shouldering, swivel studs for comfort, and the rifle-style fore-end cap instead of the usual carbine-type barrel band.

Available in two calibers: .30-30 Model and .45-70, the All-Weather Lever Action marks the first time Henry offers steel centerfire rifles meant for everyday life in the truck, on the farm, and through the woods. They feature hard chrome plating on all metal surfaces (except springs and sights), and a durable industrial-grade coating on the hardwood furniture. The hard chrome doesn’t flake, chip, or peel and its corrosion resistance is stronger than some stainless steels. The stained hardwood’s coating is formulated to stand up to wear, tear, scratches, moisture, temperature variations, and the angst of the various “character marks” an everyday outdoor tool inevitably picks up during its lifetime.

President of Henry Repeating Arms, Anthony Imperato, said “Our customers have asked for these models and we’ve listened,”

Available to order in the UK now, contact your local dealer get yours or for more information on Henry’s range of rifles, please visit www.vikingshoot.com.