Gunmaking Excellence at The Great British Shooting Show

Bill Blacker – London Barrel Maker

Bill Blacker is a barrel maker at the top of his profession. He began his career in 1976, aged sixteen, as an apprentice at Holland & Holland. His particular pleasure is building big rifles. The .500s and .600s. The minute technical requirements relating to sights fascinate him and the need for precise accuracy over long distances delivers a provocative challenge for him as a craftsman. “Mark you,” he says, laughing. “You know when you’ve been working on those big guns. Hefting those great tubes about takes a toll on your shoulders! A bit like letting them off, I shouldn’t wonder.” More laugher!


There is plenty of work finding its way to his workshop for the time being. He’s creating replacement tubes for a pair of triple barrelled Dickson 20 bores just now. Where else do you go for a project like that, I wonder?

Ian Tomlin – traditional English Gun Cases


Traditional English Guncases is a family owned and family run business, with over 50 years manufacturing experience. It was established in 1987 by Ian Tomlin, with the desire to make the finest, hand-crafted gun bags and cases for the most discerning recreational shooters and huntsmen.

From its inception, TEG London quickly attracted the attention of the World’s premier gun and rifle makers who recognised our passion and attention to detail, in producing firearm accessories for customers who expect the best.

Only the very highest quality materials are ever used by our Master Craftsmen, who diligently work them with pride to produce exquisitely detailed, robust gun bags and bespoke cases, that offer protection coupled with quintessential English elegance and style.

Allan Portsmouth – Gun Engraving


Allan Portsmouth is a gun engraver born in Margate. He served his engraving apprenticeship at Holland & Holland in the 1980s and work freelance from home, always striving for perfection in his art.

George H Daw Gunmakers.


Makers of the finest shotguns and double rifles since 1780: Pioneers of perfection.  Jim Blacker will be at The Great British Shooting Show 2017 in Gunmakers Hall 2 in the Gunmaking section.

See all of these fine gunmakers in action at The Great British Shooting Show 2017. Just up close and see true craftsman at work, spend time seeing how these makers and engravers produce the finest English shotguns.

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