Independent gun makers William Evans is reaffirming its relationship with the military – offering a 5% discount on clothing and accessories to all those who serve in the Armed Forces.

The company has a long and esteemed history of supporting British regiments and its soldiers, dating back to when it first opened its doors 130 years ago. By the late 1880s serving officers formed the back-bone of William Evans’ client list, notably with ranking officials in the Guards Regiments who ordered sporting guns and rifles before being posted to various parts of the Empire.

This continued throughout the early part of the 20th Century and the company’s firearms proved so effective that during the First World War it was commissioned to produce a new 450 falling block single barrel rifle – nicknamed the elephant gun. The gun helped to break the stalemate in the trenches – proving more successful than the War Department’s standard issue Enfield 303 against enemy snipers.

Alastair Phillips, Manager of William Evans in St James’s Street, London, said: “We have a proud history of supporting the Armed Forces and we’re delighted to be able to offer this discount. Whether it’s the Army, Navy or RAF – all people have to do is to show us their military ID.

“We have linked up with a number of regiments in the past and our archives are full of examples of William Evans supplying guns and equipment to majors, colonels, generals and other officers.“It was a relationship that everyone here was very keen to continue – we have a lot of regiments based nearby and we see a lot of serving officers. Many of them follow country sports in some way or another.”

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