Don’t just block it, GUN-LOK it!

Once outside the protection of the home or workplace, a shotgun is more vulnerable to opportunistic, accidental or unlawful acquisition. Transit to and from clubs, shows or organised shoot carries many vulnerability risks.


GUN-LOK is a security device that internally locks the breech of a shotgun preventing the insertion of an ammunition round.

GUN-LOK’s profile is similar to that of a typical cartridge and is quick and easy to fit. In the same way as a cartridge, GUN-LOK is inserted into the shotgun breech and, with a few key turns in the integral multi-pin lock, the shotgun breech becomes inaccessible. In addition, due to its low profile, GUN-LOK allows shotguns and separate barrels to be stored and transported normally.

GUN-LOK is highly resistant to attack or unauthorised removal. With in-built “fail-safe” anti-tamper provisions GUN-LOK has been specifically designed to actively resist force. Any determined attempt to remove it by force, including attempts by drilling, will result in progressively tighter locking and possible permanent blocking of the shotgun breech.


  • Prevents the unauthorised loading of a shotgun
  • The only ‘safe’ round
  • Has the same profile, shape and size of a typical shotgun cartridge
  • Quick and easy to fit and remove
  • Highly secure via a multi-pin internal lock
  • Tamper and force-proof rendering it ‘fail-safe’ in the event of theft
  • Provides high security when away from normal and statutory provisions
  • Substantially lowers the risk of weapon theft and/or misuse

GUN-LOK will be exhibiting for the first time at the British Shooting show 2020; stand (C15). To book your advance ticket click here.