The Sako 6 Club is an exclusive club for stalkers who have managed to shoot a male from each of the six UK wild deer species, namely Roe Buck, Red Stag, Fallow Buck, Sika Stag, Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer.

Club Aims

The club aims to promote the wide diversity and proper management of deer living in the British Isles and set a stalking bench mark that stalkers can strive to achieve.

Who Can Join?

Stalkers who have already achieved the qualifying criteria, have shot some of the species or would simply like to take up to the challenge will need to register on the Sako 6 website. Here they will be able to gain access to the Forum and join an on-line community, pick up useful tips from other deer stalkers and full Sako 6 club members.

Full Sako 6 Members – Upon achieving the goal of shooting all six species they will become a member of the exclusive Sako 6 club and will receive selected ‘Sako 6 gifts’ and in recognition of this unique achievement, an exclusive memento.

Challenger Members – Before becoming a full Sako 6 Club member, stalkers can register on the website as taking up the Sako 6 Challenge. They will then become a Challenger and will have access to information about all our native deer species. They will be able to chat on the forum and gain valuable tips and ideas. They are also able to record their progress on their account, uploading pictures of trophies as they acquire them. Stalkers must supply not only a photograph but details of a character reference or witness who can verify their claims, and dates the trophies were shot.

And because we all love social media, the Sako 6 Club will have its own, dedicated, closed Facebook page!

For more information, please visit this website