Meet the Artists at The British Shooting Show

The British Shooting Show are excited to reveal that the 2017 event will include a collaborative exhibition from renowned wildlife artists Andrew Ellis, Coral Rose and T.A.G. Smith. The collaboration provides an opportunity to meet and speak with three of the highest regarded contemporary wildlife artists as they display collections of their most recent pieces.


Whilst the three artists all derive inspiration from their surroundings and experiences, their choice of media allows for a unique translation in final form. Andrew uses acrylic that gives him the crisp detail to convey an animal’s energy in motion, Coral uses pastel to give a contemplative, tactile quality to her paintings whilst Tom’s wooden sculptures use the most natural of materials to give a rawness to each piece which by their very construction are as unique as a fingerprint.

What each artist shares is an innate curiosity of their subject matter which feeds an aspiration to capture not only the animal, landscape, environment, they study, but also a feeling of a moment in time.



Inspired by the natural world, Tom Creates realistic wooden images of all manner of birds, animals and flowers using a technique known as Intarsia which he has taught himself from the age of fourteen. Tom’s work has been featured in Craft & Design Magazine, was included in the catalogue of the David Shepherd Wildlife foundation Wildlife Artist of the Year 2014 and is available to buy in a number of galleries across the UK.

What is Intarsia?

ArtistsIntarsia is a technique that uses pieces of wood of different size, shape and species, to create an image that gives an illusion of depth. The different pieces of wood are carefully selected for their colour, grain pattern and texture so that there is no need for paint or stain. All of the colours you see are the natural colours of the woods. After the woods have been selected, they are cut, shaped, polished and glued back together like a jigsaw.



Andrew Ellis is a much acclaimed wildlife artist specialising in birds of prey, falconry and African wildlife as well as creating paintings and prints of scenes closer to his home including game birds, moorland scenes and falconry. For Andrew, a passion for painting the natural world demonstrated itself at an early age. Growing up in rural Devon, he was drawn to studying wildlife, in particular birds of prey, which remain one of his favourite subject matters. He now resides in a village situated in the Pennines to the north of Weardale where he draws huge inspiration from the uplands and Grouse moors on his doorstep.



Having spent most of her formative years a a self confessed ‘townie, the transition to sporting and wildlife artist was not an obvious one. Coral moved to the North Yorkshire countryside a few years ago and has fallen in love. She has swapped Louboutins for wellington boots. This move coincided with a rekindled interest in art that was borne of intrigue in a new subject matter – the countryside! Where her previous forays into art had been of a more subjective nature. Coral now finds herself increasingly influenced by the beautiful surroundings on the Wykeham Estate in North Yorkshire. She doesn’t have to look much further than the window for the inspiration for her next painting.

I enjoy working in different mediums; whether that be capturing the iridescent beauty of a cock pheasant plumage in acrylic, the flight of woodcock in watercolour or your Labrador retriever in pastel!”