Fieldsports Britain – 1500 m Shot

Here’s how to add a few bells and whistles to your rifle, (plus some technique), so you can confidently shoot a target out to 1,500 metres.

Fieldsports Britain

We take a couple of perfectly ordinary Mauser rifles to the mile-long ranges of West Wales and get firearms expert Andrew Venables to talk us into the target. It’s up to 8 seconds between the bang and the clang – but what a sound when you hear it.

Meanwhile, Jenna Gearing and Ryan Wood are the new face of the Fieldsports Channel shop. We got them down to a field in Kent for a photo shoot with Carlos Carubia. We have News, Hunting YouTube, ‘Hallo Charlie!’ is back and we give away a Shooterking Venatu jacket from a few episodes ago.

It is all in this episode of Fieldsports Britain.

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