Eley Hawk are proud to launch a brand new Cartridge for the market. The Eley Zenith Copper game shot range. This premium level cartridge has been designed to include

Copper game shot (Copper plated lead shot) in true English 4,5 and 6 shot sizes

16mm brass

Eley Green transparent case with smart silver print

Excellent patterning at range (copper shot enables this even with a fibre wad)

Supreme performance PSB powder for consistency

With speeds on all weights exceeding 1280 fps measured at 2.5 metres from muzzle this equates to about 870 mph and speed wise is an excellent cartridge for game shooting. (Please note we do not quote “muzzle velocities” as these are not representative of the actual speeds attained by cartridges)


The product launch is backed with an extensive marketing campaign online and in the shooting press. Including ads on Guns on Pegs, Gun trader, and a wide range of ads placed in shooting press.

The ad campaign is based on the holy grail of shooting – a right and a left shot 2 birds with 2 shots consecutively. With the superior patterning with copper shot this puts this shooting highpoint (ZENITH) within reach of game shooters.


Production is due to commence Monday 5th of October and orders for the product can be taken from this day

Shot sizes and variants as follows

Charge  Shot size Wadding  Velocity Powder  Chamber   

30 gram     4          Fibre              V1-390mtps    PSB 3    70

30 gram    5           Fibre              V1-390mtps    PSB 3    70    

30 gram    6           Fibre              V1-390mtps     PSB 3    70     

32 gram    4           Fibre              V1-390mtps    PSB 1    70     

32 gram    5           Fibre              V1-390mtps    PSB 1    70  

36 gram    4          Fibre              V1-390mtps    PSB 2    70   

36 gram    5          Fibre              V1-390mtps    PSB 2    70 


Copper game shot

Lead shot electro plated with copper

Wide variety of shot loads and 30 32 and 36 gram load shot sizes 4,5,6

16mm Brass

PSB powder -Used by Eley Hawk

Speeds Zenith speeds will achieve V1 (2.5 m from muzzle) 13 50 – 13 80 FPS V2 18.5m from muzzle 1080 to 1100 fps

Superior patterning

Manageable recoil

True English shot sizes 4,5,6

History and heritage in producing copper game shot cartridges (e.g classic game)


Copper coating smooths the shot’s exit from the barrel. Reducing the number of deformed pellets reduces the number of “flyers” (shot that goes wide of the target), increasing the number of pellets that reach the target.

In turn the shot string and pattern density is maintained to target to ensure clean humane kills.

A full range of loads and shot sizes will mean there will cover all the quarry types, from small partridge, grouse, to late season pheasants

A deep enough brass to provide a solid base for propelling the load but not too deep to eject from game guns where speed of ejection and reloading can ensure a good sized bag the highpoint of the shooting day

Eley Hawk uniquely uses high end PSB powder which produces consistent burn rates from shot to shot – ensures that the game shooter can rely on the cartridge performing shot to shot and helps the game shooter judge the amount of lead to produce better results for the game shooter

These fast down range speeds have been achieved using consistent burning PSB powders but deliver the best patterns possible

Using a superior PSB powder ensures the shot load is not overblown causing the pattern to spread and cause the shooter to miss the target or “prick” the bird and cause unnecessary suffering.

Consistent burning Powder burn then ensures that the recoil on the lighter game gun is manageable and that the first shot recoil does not put the shooter off the second shot Improving the number of kills achieved in the field. 

Unlike other copper plated products on the market – the shot sizes produced by Eley hawk are true English shot sizes of 4 5 and 6 – ensuring the game shooter has the confidence to use the right load on the right quarry.

Eley Hawk has produced copper plated lead shot cartridges for well over 20 years – Zenith is the latest evolution in this outstanding history and heritage.

For more information, please visit this website eleyhawkltd.com