The New Eley Hawk 2020 115th limited edition shooter’s diary is now available to order directly from Eley Hawk and will be available this week in gun shops around the UK.

Eley Hawk Diary 2020

The tradition of the Eley Hawk Shooters diary continues as it has now reached is 115th edition. Measuring 9.0 cm wide by 12 cm high. It is available to purchase in boxes of 20 or in singles at £6.99 plus postage and packaging.

Consumers can call direct on 0121 352 3272 to order theirs or ask their gunshop for copies to be bought in for them.

The 50 front pages of the diary are packed full of information a shooter might need – from useful addresses of partner organisations like the CPSA and BASC through to advice on shotgun law, gun care, shot sizes and the full Eley Hawk range. Throughout the diary are key dates in the game season and major competitions as well as featuring a cartridge of the month.

The diary is printed in full colour and has been totally updated to reflect modern shotgun shooting enthusiasts passion.

Bound in Eley Hawk Green with Gold embossed cover, It includes a handy pencil in the spine to make notes. It also contains the dedicated game bag recording pages.

With Christmas on the way, the diary makes an excellent stocking filler and the price at just £6.99 (plus postage and packing) still represents excellent value for money to keep shooters organised right through the shooting seasons.