Eley Hawk 190th Anniversary Cartridges

Eley Hawk is pleased to announce the launch of a limited run of cartridges to mark our 190th Anniversary. Each box of 25 is sequentially numbered for added exclusivity. 

It’s a game cartridge loaded with a classic 30 gram 6 lead shot and will provide a keen point of interest for game shooters and collectors alike.

This 190th Anniversary cartridge is loaded in a royal blue paper case to recognise the roots of the very first cartridges being crafted in paper. The case is placed on a 25 mm nickel head and stamped with the Eley name. This gives it a modern twist for the contemporary shooter, who demands the highest performing ballistics. This is a genuine homage to the company its products and heritage.

Each Box of 25 has a celebration leaflet with more detail about the load and the company inserted with the cartridge. Of particular note – the primer and the rim of the primer are also nickel coated for a consistent finish.