Diggle Ranges near Manchester has installed a new Promatic running boar target with the help of Britain’s largest firearms and ammunition distributor, Edgar Brothers.

The 660-acre complex, located in the foothills of the Pennines, is now one of the few locations in the UK to offer electronic, running boar simulation. 

Run by the Pennine Shooting Sports Association (PSSA), chairman Mike Weatherhead said that the new target is a fantastic addition to the ground. He added: “We’re very pleased to have it, it’s certainly something that will attract visitors to the range. Compared to our static targets, it’s something completely different and really good fun.”

While running boar targets are rare in the UK, in Europe they are commonplace. The target has variable speeds and can cover 10m in just two seconds, so shooters must be quick and accurate.

PSSA club secretary and owner of Diggle’s onsite gun shop Osprey Rifles, Stuart Anselm, was the initial connection between the range and Edgar Brothers. He said: “It was my involvement with the shop that put me in contact with Edgar Brothers. Derek Edgar has now joined Diggle as a member after the team at Edgar Brothers saw the potential in helping us to develop the location. They really want to help us and put more back into shooting as a sport.”  

Edgar Brothers funded the state-of-the-art equipment while Diggle Ranges paid for the installation. Managing director Derek Edgar is hopeful that the new target will encourage more people to get into wild boar shooting. He continued by saying: “Diggle Ranges is one of the best training grounds in Britain but it’s a bit of a hidden secret. We’re keen to get more people into wild boar shooting which has seen a massive growth in popularity already. There are new products specifically aimed at wild boar shooting from brands like Hornady, Aimpoint and Zoli rifles and everything seemed to come together and point towards the need for a running boar target. Diggle and Promatic completed all of the installation and it looks really great.”

Members are free to use the new running boar target whenever they want, however non-members are advised to book and pay in advance from £50 per person, per day. 

For more information, please visit this website www.diggleranges.com