Daystate Saxon Limited Edition

Daystate Saxon

The Daystate Saxon Limited Edition rifle is a celebration of England that commemorates the 950th anniversary of the end of Saxon rule and the Coronation of the Norman Ling Willian I (William the Conqueror) on the 25th of December 1066, and a line of Kings and Queens of England unbroken to this day.

The Saxon is also the launch model of the newly revised and improved Wolverine 2 model that will be released early in 2017.

The new Wolverine 2 will update the current model introduced three years ago, the updated rifle features a revised valve system and new Gary Cane stock, together with other improvements that brig this popular rifle right up to date. It also incorporates all established Wolverine safety features such as bolt open safety, anti-double-load mechanism built into the magazine indexing system, and a centrally mounted safety catch. Add to that a bolt system that can be changed from right to left in minutes by the user and you have a rifle that is fully ambidextrous as well as extremely safe.

daystate saxon

The Saxon Limited Edition’s styling is intended to mimic colours and patterns used in the Anglo-Saxon era and incorporates etching and words in both Anglo-Saxon and Latin of which both languages were being in use 950 years ago. Specialised finish from one of the country’s top anodising companies as well as an exclusive Huggett Moderator from Hugget Precision Products in Cambridge is enhanced with a beautiful stock from the studio of Gary Cane’s Techwood Design studio in Norfolk, while being manufactured in a stunning multi-colour laminate wood expertly crafted by Minelli of Milan.

To further enhance its exclusivity, the Saxon comes with a valuable bespoke custom-made hunting knife s forged in a period Saxon langseax-style by renowned Knife Maker R. Harrington of Bison Bushcraft based in the town of battle near Hastings, where the foundry is just yards from the 1066 battlefield. This bespoke rifle and accompanying hunting knife is limited to a worldwide production of just 150 rifles/knifes before the full launch of Wolverine 2 succeeds it in early 2017.

daystate saxon


  • Based on an updated and improved version of the popular Wolverine
  • Carbon fibre HiLite bottle
  • New stock by Techwood Designs in Laminate manufactured by Minelli of Italy
  • Unique Limited Edition finish with individual serial number matched to knife
  • Exclusive Handmade Saxon hunting knife serialised to match each rifle
  • Custom Moderator and shroud from Huggett Precision Products
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • High quality Daystate hard case
  • Only 150 Saxon’s to be made at SRP £1990.00


  • Overall length 1070 mm
  • Barrel length 430 mm
  • Weight unscoped 3.4 kg
  • Magazine 10 shot with single shot tray
  • Shots per charge .22 cal 290 @ 12 ft/lbs 60 @ 33+ ft/lbs
  • Calibre .177, .22