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 Czech Tactical Pursuits

Czech Tactical Pursuits are pleased to offer formal and informal shooting at our range facility, catering for individual, group and corporate clients.

Our friendly and professional instructors will ensure that you have a safe, informative and enjoyable experience. 

Czech Tactical Pursuits


Do you need a gun license to go shooting?

Absolutely not, but it has to be on a shooting range.

All one needs is a valid ID card/passport and to be under the supervision of an instructor or someone who holds a gun license while shooting.


All Czech Tactical Pursuits  instructional staff are ex-police/military trainers with many years’ experience delivering firearms training to novice and experienced students alike.

Section 5 Experience

Standard 4 Day Package – £475 p/p

• Day 1 – Travel day@ fly to CZ Republic, airport transfer, book into accommodation, course registration, briefing.

• Day 2/3 – Shoot days.

• Day 4 – travel day: close of course, book out of accommodation, airport transfer, return flight to UK.

Czech Tactical Pursuits

The course price includes

• All range and tuition fees.

• Weapon hire.

• 3 nights B&B at a hotel in Velke Losiny.

• Transport to and from the range.

• Packed lunch and refreshments at the range.

• Transfers from/to Brno Airport.

• 400 rounds of ammunition (additional ammunition available at cost).

Please note that flights are not included in the package.

Czech Tactical Pursuits  Range facility.

Czech Tactical Pursuits

Czech Tactical Pursuits  have exclusive use of a 50m quarry range located near Sumvald, CZ Republic. Additionally, Czech Tactical Pursuits  has access to several other ranges in the area, from 100m to 600m + range envelopes.


Accommodation packages are available to suit all budgets in the beautiful spa town of Velke Losiny close to the mountains.

(Please note 3 nights B&B at a hotel in Velke Losiny are included in the standard Section 5 Experience package)

Firearms Courses Available

• Initial Pistol Course: 2 days

• Pistol Refresher Course: 1 day

• Advanced Pistol Course: 2 days

• Advanced Pistol Refresher Course: 1 day

• Initial carbine/Rifle Course: 2 days

• Carbine/Rifle Refresher Course: 2 days

• Advanced Carbine/Rifle Course: 2 days

• Advanced Carbine/Rifle Refresher Course: 1 day

Bespoke Firearms courses designed around client requirements.

Czech Tactical Pursuits

Maritime Armed Security Personnel

Czech Tactical Pursuits  offer weapon competency certification to UK Maritime Armed Security Personnel as required by IMO circulars 1405/1406 in conjunction with the requirements of the UK Department of Transport.

Certification is valid for 1 year from completion of each weapon system initial course or refresher course.

Czech Tactical Pursuits

Close Protection Officers

Czech Tactical Pursuits  recommend that personnel using firearms for Close Protection duties are trained to Advanced level in any weapon system deployed.

Please Note:- Courses are Pass or Fail dependent on successful completion of a summative qualification shoot.

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