We all look forward to a day out shooting pigeons, or wildfowling. If everything falls into place it can often be some of the most exciting shooting around. But, for this to happen there are a number of factors and certain preparation that all have to fall into place. One piece of that preparation is an effective hide to conceal you.

There are a number of ways to construct a hide. Natural materials are fantastic, but building a hide made of natural materials from the environment around you can be time consuming. The most common material is probably some good old camo netting from the army surplus store. There are, however draw backs with both these methods. A well constructed natural hide is virtually, if not impossible to see through. A hide constructed of camo netting can also be difficult to see through, especially if it has been doubled up in order to stop your quarry from looking in and seeing you. 

Entwistle Guns are now stocking Curtainmesh! Curtainmesh Camouflage netting is made from a tight weave, very tough polyester material. The extremely tough material can be cut with a sharp pair of scissors – Entwistle Guns challenge anyone to tear it by hand.

The material is non-absorbent, quick to dry, non-tangle, will not rot and is extremely compact when folded down for transit. It is not often possible to drive all the way to your chosen hide location and we all know how much kit pigeon shooters and wildfowler have to carry, so a mesh net that is light and compact will be of great benefit. To give an example of just how compact the Curtainmesh Camouflage netting can be made, a four yard wide section of mesh netting will fold down to comfortably fit inside a shoe box.

So, how does it work and what is the advantage of this material over the more standard camo netting, or a hide built from natural materials? The advantage is described within the name itself, “curtain”.

Net curtains hanging in a window enable you to clearly look out, but do not enable people on the outside to look in, unless the room is lit from the inside. Curtainmesh Camouflage works in exactly the same way. A hide would usually be constructed up against a hedge, thus giving a solid or very dark background. This dark background means that from the outside, all that can be seen is the mesh screen. The occupant inside and their movements are completely hidden.

Entwistle Guns have chosen a colour pattern of drab brown and green that they consider to be very compatible with most pigeon or wildfowling shooting situations.

Entwistle Guns have received feedback from deer stalkers who say that Curtainmesh Camouflage works very well with high seats. Wildlife photographers and bird watchers have also expressed an appreciation for the qualities of this product.

Curtainmesh Camouflage net material is five feet wide and Entwitsle Guns will cut to any length required. Recommended retail is £9.50 per linear yard plus postage and packaging, which will be £3, up to four yards in length.

A four yard x five feet piece is an ideal length for a single person hide. These dimensions would, therefore cost £38+p&p. As mentioned before, if you require a longer piece, Entwistle Guns will be happy to cut the material to your required length.

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