With changes to UK law regarding section 5 firearms, UK based Sports shooters and operators in the Maritime/Personal sectors are currently unable to train with these types of firearms in Britain.  The law in the Czech Republic however does allow for UK Nationals, visiting the country to train with section 5 firearms as long as training is conducted by qualified instructors at a recognised range facility.

With a highly experienced team of instructors with military and police backgrounds, Czech Tactical Pursuits (CTP) offer formal and informal training to individuals, groups and corporate clients at ranges located in the beautiful Velke Losiny area of the Czech Republic.

CTP provide training with UK restricted Section 5 firearms, full-bore semi automatic pistols and rifles.  An extensive armoury also includes the latest Gen 4, Glock 17 with Modular Optic System.  This essentially allows the fitment of an Optical Sight to the weapons top slide by the user without any modification work to the weapon. Additionally the grip size of the weapon can be rapidly adjusted to the hand size of the shooter by removing or adding different sized back straps to the rear of the hand grip. This greatly improves the usability of the weapon by shooters with small hands who have traditionally struggled to use pistols with high capacity double stack magazines. Additionally the weapon is also fitted with the lightweight Glock trigger further improving accuracy.  The Glock 17 was the first polymer framed Pistol to enjoy worldwide success in the late 80’s and has been continuously improved over the years. It has recently been introduced by the British Army as its latest service pistol.

CTP will also shortly be acquiring a new example of the iconic 9mm, MP5 Self Loading Carbine as used by military and police units worldwide since the 1960’s and is still in use today.

Very affordable packages are available which include bed and breakfast, airport transfer and daily hotel pick up/drop off service.   Training is available for all entry levels from novice to the more experienced shooter.  In fact even if you don’t have a gun license you can still shoot as long as you have a valid ID card/passport and you shoot at the recognised range under the supervision of an instructor, or other who holds a gun license.

Czech Tactical Pursuits will be exhibiting at the 2016 British Shooting Show so be sure to visit their trade stand and speak with the team who will be more than happy to discuss training programmes to meet your individual needs.  A range of accessories will also be available at the show including rifle covers and Drag Bag & Mat Combo’s, designed and manufactured by the CZ Military and Police, but are very useful for civilian range and field shooters alike.

Muzzle and scope rifle cover complete with carrying handle.  Available in Camo/Khaki.

Drag Bag & Mat Combo, complete with rucksack carrying handle.  Available in Camo/Khaki    

For further information visit the CTP website www.cztacticalpursuits.8u.cz

For more information on The Great British Shooting Show, please visit www.shootingshow.co.uk

Telephone- +44 (0) 1258 857700

Email- info@shootingshow.co.uk