Coming Soon! Pulsar Thermion Thermal Riflescope

Coming soon, the new Thermion thermal imaging riflescope designed by Pulsar features some of the latest thermal technology.

Pulsar Thermion IPX7

packaged in a familiar dayscope format that mounts using standard 30mm scope rings. It’s not just the format that’s new, the Thermion XM30, XM38 and XM50 are fitted with a new 320×240 12µm thermal sensor and the XP38 and XP50’s a 640×480 17µm thermal sensor. Detection ranges are up to 2300m depending on the model and all models have a digital zoom capability.

Pulsar Thermion IPX7

This full waterproof (IPX7) device allows for an instant start-up and has a full-colour HD 1024×768 AMOLED Display, featuring 8 colour palettes, picture-in-picture mode and multiple reticles in four colour options. The Thermion series also has a rechargeable B-Pack Mini combined power system, providing a long-lasting performance, a built-in video and still image recording in mp4 and .jpg formats, as well as the 16GB of internal storage.

Pulsar Thermion IPX7

This state of the art thermal imaging riflescope is Stream Vision compatible, meaning users will be able to stream live video.

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