Renowned for its accuracy and detail, the beautifully made Little Sharps from Chiappa Firearms of Italy will appeal to target shooters, small game hunters and fans of cowboy action shooting alike.

Originally designed by Christian Sharps in 1848, Sharps rifles were used in the American Civil War by US Army marksman who needed a sniper rifle of greater accuracy than the more commonly issued muzzle-loading rifles. After the war the Sharps factory moved into the production of sporting firearms, with the famous Model 1874 being manufactured in large numbers for commercial buffalo hunters.

Distributed by Edgar Brothers, the UK largest wholesaler of firearms and ammunition, the Chiappa Little Sharps is a detailed replica of the 1874 Sharps rifle that featured a dropping block action. The elegant small frame Chiappa version has been reduced in size by 20 per cent, weighs just 5.5lb, features a case colored receiver, a two piece, straight grip walnut stock and a steel butt plate. Available in .22 LR (24”), .38-55 Win (26”) and .22 Hornet (26”), the octagon barrel has a blue finish and comes complete with tang sights.

Derek Edgar, Managing Director of Edgar Brothers, commented: “Fans of buffalo guns who don’t want the expense or weight of the original sized firearm will enjoy the Little Sharps .22 Hornet from Chiappa. This light, handy rifle is well-balanced in the hand, highly accurate and the perfect rifle for vermin shooters, target shooters looking for something different, and for cowboy action shooters who want to own and shoot a piece of history.”

MSRP From: £1,067.55

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