Chiappa And Armex Collaborate On Blank Firing Guns

Armex and Chiappa began a very special relationship last year. The Italian firearms company is based in Brescia, Italy and is a successful family owned and run company with the owner Rino alongside Susanna and the Chiappa family who are responsible for the pristine manufacturing and a host of innovations. Chiappa manufactures reproductions and original designs and under the Kimar brand manufactures blank firing pistols and revolvers. Their products are sold in many countries throughout the World, and they have a strong, long established reputation for quality, innovation and performance. The extent of their design and manufacturing capabilities is quite remarkable with 99.9% of all components made in-house!

Understandably proud of their catalogue Chiappa invited Armex to collaborate in the production of blank firing guns for the UK market and Armex agreed. With the advice of the Gun Trade Association (Mr John Batley) and employing the services of a leading UK forensics laboratory, specialists firearms team who undertook a series of tests to ensure the new design of the products were legal for the UK. Following X-rays and hardness tests, they now meet the 2011 regulations for blank firing imitation firearms and comply with the requirements of the VCR Act 2007. Armex are bringing in quite a range, 8 different models and coming soon – a dog training starter pistol which will be £29.99 trade.

Armex are delighted to work with our friends at Chiappa and have many exciting projects planned for the future.

Chiappa and Armex blank firing guns

Quote from Richard Velisek Sales and Marketing Manager with very kind permission to use in this article:

The cooperation with Armex started last year. We very much appreciate this because it is the best way for us to penetrate the UK market with our blank guns and semi auto 22 rifles and we can also interact with professionals in this field of our business. I think we can learn from and teach each other. After almost one year of collaboration I have learned a great deal of information about the blank firing guns market in the UK and this is just one part of what I can expect from any cooperation. I belive the relationship will grow also to other segments where Armex is strong on the market, with a talented and experienced UK team being able to offer reliable and sound advice on product inovations and improvements. We are quite simply amazed at the level of input from Armex, the volume sales and orders we have in the pipeline for Armex is truly unbelievable.”