Bullseye AmmoCam

Scott Country are pleased to announced a UK distribution deal with Bullseye AmmoCam systems, who provide range systems for sporting shooters up to 300 yards, and long range shooters up to 1 mile.

Bullseye Camera system is a unique system which features a camera that’s sets up, down by the target, and wirelessly transmits back to your iPhone, iPad, Android device or laptop at your shooting location up to 1 mile away.

You will instantly see each shot blinking on the screen no matter how many times you hit the target. You can number each shot, see your group pattern and group measuring/shot placement distance etc.

Scott Country have teamed up with Team GB .50 cal captain Mike Roberts at The British Shooting Show, to demonstrate the system.

What do I need this a Bullseye Camera System for… I have a spotting scope…?? Does your spotting scope give immediate last shot recognition? plus a whole host of really useful features, I would not be without mine now

Mike Roberts – Team GB .50 cal Captain and 1 mile target shooter.