Browning- X-Bolt SF McMillan A-TACS AU Cerakote: a shot ahead

The McMillan Game Scout stock wedged against your shoulder, you wait for the game. The A-TACS AU camouflage of your X-Bolt blends in perfectly with your Hells Canyon II A-ATACS clothing and the undergrowth of your hide…

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You think you see a deer come out into the clearing. Your grip tightens on the rounded fore-end. You see the handsome roe buck clearly in your sights. Your finger squeezes the Super Feather trigger, the shot fires. An instant later, a deafening silence invades the forest. A thin trail of smoke escapes from the muzzle break of your medium heavy barrel.
Your hunting season has got off to a great start!

Browning X-Bolt SF

The reputation of the Browning X-Bolt SF speaks for itself: its extreme precision delights both sporting shooters and hunters.

The latest version of this rifle, the X-Bolt SF McMillan A-TACS AU, is a technically cutting-edge product which will exceed your expectations. The McMillan Game Scout fibreglass stock guarantees perfect grip and therefore greater accuracy. Likewise, the short throw bolt makes for easy handling, with or without gloves. The Cerakote FDE finish protects your weapon in abrasive conditions, yet still enhances the devastating look of this rifle. The medium-heavy barrel is fluted and threaded in M14x1. The muzzle break greatly reduce recoil. The X-Bolt SF McMillan A-TACAS AU Cerakote comes with steel bases included.

Four calibres are currently available: 243Win, 300WM, 308Win and 7mmRem.

The recommended retail price is €1,999.

Specification Sheet

Notes: Trigger lock, steel bases and muzzle break included

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Hells Canyon II clothing range

The Hells Canyon range is the best there is in clothing designed for stalking. Ultrasilent, lightweight and extremely comfortable: when you are out hunting, it is as indispensable as your rifle.

This year, Browning is proud to present the revamped version: the Hells Canyon II range

It’s available in several colourways. Let’s look at the A-TACS AU camo first. This digital camouflage is quite simply revolutionary. It has replaced unnatural angled pixels with organic pixels, taken directly from the biotope. The result? A hunter’s silhouette blends into the environment, meaning he can get closer to game.

The Hells Canyon II A-TACS AU range consists of a jacket (€189, trousers (€139), gloves (€39), a cap (€20), a balaclava (€39) and a quick cover (€18).

The jacket and trousers are available in other colours. The jacket is available in green, in blaze camo and in traditional Mossy Oak Infinity camo. The trousers come in green and in Mossy Oak Infinity camo.

All at the same price as the A-TACS camo!

Details Details    Technology  • 4-way stretch fabric for maximum movement• Odorsmart fabric• Ultrasilent fabric  Comfort  • Waterproof, breathable and wind resistant fabric• Padded elbows and knees for moving around tough terrain   • Four storage pockets• Game bag pocket• Underarm ventilation, close fitting  Innovation  • Ambidextrous radio pockets

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