Browning launches a full range of gun safes


Safes are now a mandatory requirement for gun owners in many countries. Even if  they aren’t where you are, having one to keep your guns in can help you sleep easy at night without worrying about someone deliberately or accidentally committing irreparable harm.

Browning has applied the expertise of its engineers to create four safes that are specially designed to meet European market standards.

Outstanding fire resistance

The safes can hold 10, 12, 19 and 23 guns respectively, but all share one common feature: outstanding fire resistance.

Thanks to our exclusive Thermablock technology, Browning safes are certified fire-resistant to 760°C for 30 to 60 minutes depending on the model



The most secure on the market


Browning Gun Safes are some of the most secure on the market. Their nine bolts and thick layers of steel will quickly deter even experienced thieves. They also come with an electronic lock system that can be configured with a number of combination codes, which are stored on another important feature – the safes’ micro hard drive.

So you can remove the battery when you go on holiday and the codes will still be stored in memory when you get back.


Designed to look outstandingly good

Browning Gun Safes  are also designed to look outstandingly good. Gone are the days of monolithic metal carbuncles spoiling entire rooms! Our safes are a hymn to elegance, understatement and beauty. Now you’ll want to showcase your gun safe in your living room rather than hiding it in the cellar!

The fine finishes of the Defender 10, 12 and 23 are topped only by the even more exquisite finishings of the deluxe Prestige 19. 



A variety of customisable storage fittings

Browning knows that the devil is in the detail, which is why we make your life easier by giving our safes a 180° door swing, unlike many of our competitors.

The Defender 12, Defender 23 and Prestige 19 include an ammunition storage case, and the Prestige 19 and Defender 23 feature a variety of customisable storage fittings for you to lay out your safe the way you want it.