Browning: Kite Optics: An outstanding range 

There are as many ways to hunt as there are hunters, so there are as many requirements as there are hunters.

Kite Optics

Kite Optics is a brand associated with Browning and wants to respond to these requirements in the best possible way.

Kite Optics is proud to present its range, designed for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Kite Optics

KSP HD2, 1-6X24i

The unconditional driven hunt partner.

Under all weather conditions.

During a driven hunt, every moment counts. The target must be identified rapidly, more rapidly than the game hurtling past you. The Kite hunting rifle scope offers 6x magnification, with a wired reticle and a wide field of view of 38m at 100m, meeting all your requirements.

This rifle scope is sold at the recommended retail price of € 1,149 / £977.

Kite Optics

KSP HD2, 1.6-10X42i

The perfect all-rounder.

This rifle scope will be exactly what hunters are looking for, for both driven hunts and stalking. With the output diameter of 42mm combined with engraved reticle, the magnification ranging from 1.6 to 10 as well as the wide field of view at 100m, this rifle scope for all-round use will be an indispensable tool for all your hunts.

The recommended retail price is € 1,329 / £1130.

Kite Optics

KSP HD2, 2-12X50i

Comfortable long-range shooting.

The qualities of good rifle scope for stalking are precision and transmission of the available light. These are the very two fields in which the Kite Optics 50mm rifle scope for stalking excels! The 6x magnification (2-12) also gives you unequalled freedom and shooting comfort.

The recommended retail price is € 1,329 / £1130.

Kite Optics

KSP HD2, 2-15X56i

High precision for difficult twilight conditions.

The last rays of the sun are dying away in your twilight rifle scope just as you are aiming at a splendid stag 150 metres ahead. The 56mm output diameter of the scope and the high optical quality of the lenses ensure excellent transmission of light, enabling you to shoot in full confidence.

The recommended retail price is € 1,349 / £1147.

Kite Optics

Kite Optics for shooting excellence

All Kite rifle scopes are designed with specific features depending on the intended type of hunt. However, they share certain common features that make them exceptional value for money.

No compromise on reliability. Kite rifle scopes only contain glass and aviation quality aluminium, with no plastic elements at all. All the parts are assembled: we use no glue. Our rifle scopes are treated with the best internal and external coatings (MHR Advanced and Permavision respectively) and are filled with argon for maximum protection against bad weather and abrasive conditions.

The result is that we are the only firm offering a lifetime guarantee!

Kite Optics

No compromise on quality. The objective of Kite Optics is to prove that it is possible to offer a high quality product at a reasonable price. All our rifle scopes offer 6x magnification, an illuminated 4A-i reticle, a wide field of vision at 100m (ranging from 38m at 100m for the x24i to 14.5 at 100m for the x56i models) and a reduced tunnel effect. The turret offers eleven clear and precise 1-millimetre clicks for easy adjustment. With a Kite rifle scope, all you will need to do is to focus on your target.

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