Browning: BAR & Maral Reflex: A step ahead of the rest.

The fastest rifles on the market are joining forces with the most intuitive aiming system to provide a new shooting experience, reinventing concepts of speed and ergonomics.

Perfect integration plus the low and forward position of the Kite Optics K1 red dot mean the BAR and Maral Reflex models are calibrated to bring success to your hunts.


The Kite Optics K1 red dot integrated into BAR and Maral Reflex models is located at the lowest position on the market. This feature, combined with an ideal eye/scope distance, provides you with instinctive target acquisition. All this with no need for an adjustable cheek-piece! Leaving you to make the most of the precious time saved.

The forward position of the K1 red dot makes for easy access to the adjustment buttons without taking your hand off the fore-end. You can operate the 11-position illumination with no risk of seeing the game seizing the opportunity to flee. Ergonomics and ease of use working together for efficiency.

The location of the Kite Optics K1 red dot on Reflex rifles has the advantage of being the lowest on the market. The first benefit is that you have a mounted sight as well as the K1. Because of its position, the red dot remains invisible in the scope. If the scope is mounted on a Browning NOMAD rail, a few seconds is all you need to remove it and use the red dot. All in all, you have the advantage of a rifle and scope which perfectly meet your specific needs, regardless of your peg.


BAR MK3 Hunter Reflex

Also available in left-handed version
Calibres: 30-06Spr, 300WM


BAR MK3 Composite Reflex

Also available in left-handed version
Calibres: 30-06Spr, 308Win, 9.3×62


Maral Composite Reflex

Calibres: 30-06Spr, 308Win



Kite Optics K1 :

a clear and reliable dot