Browning X-Bolt SF


The new Browning A-Bolt 3 Composite rifle offers you the legendary precision and performances of the A-Bolt, in a package with an unmatched price/quality ratio. The A-Bolt 3 features a barrel of superior quality guaranteeing exceptional precision and an Inflex Technology butt-plate which reduces the recoil by absorbing it. The unlocking button for the bolt allows for opening of the bolt with the safety, located on top of the hull, in the secure position.

Browning AB3

Experience acquired over time and tested in the field, an A-Bolt’s exceptional precision and reliability are seldom matched. This new carbine allies a modern production system with the trusted Browning® quality in order to produce a high-performance carbine at a very interesting price. The A-Bolt 3 gives you the precision and performance you want in a hunting rifle and its cost-effective budget is a real delight.


1. Unlocking button for the bolt

The unlocking button for the bolt ensures optimum security and is ideally placed on the back of the pistol grip. Can be opened in the safety ‘on’ position.

2. New perfect trigger

For firing with absolute accuracy, there is no other alternative to the A-Bolt 3 trigger action, sharper, short and ultra-direct. The trigger gives you a clean, fast pull with exceptional sensations.

3. Bolt and housing

The A-Bolt 3 features a three pin bolt that offers extreme precision. The 60° opening of the bolt allows for a rapid and efficient cycle.

4. Drop box magazine

The essential accessory, the A-Bolt 3 is fitted with a state of the art drop box magazine. Made from synthetic material, it withstands any and all circumstances.

5. Inflex anti-recoil butt plate

This extra-soft pad offers the best recoil absorption possible on a rifle. The exclusive design and material used promote a downward deviation of the direction of the recoil forces, thus pulling the buttstock slightly away from your face in order to reduce the recoil and upward motion of the gun.

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