Brocock Compatto Deluxe

Soft touch stock, reflex Silencer, Bipod, and sling swivels as standard!

The air rifle everyone is still talking about! No other airgun looks like it or performs like it. In the last couple of years since production started this short ultra-carbine has been increasingly the go-to rifle of choice for airgun enthusiasts all over the world. Shooters love the handling of the rifle which is extremely familiar with that of a conventional small and full-bore rifle. The Compatto is extremely short at just 864 mm (34 inches) but retains a full length 18-inch (457 mm) barrel and a 150cc air tube – thanks to its clever design. This also means that in export or FAC specification the Compatto produces a full 27 foot pounds of energy.

Now for the spring of 2017, Brocock are offering a special Deluxe version of this popular rifle tricked out with some very high class extras that include:

  • Synthetic stock upgraded to a rubber soft touch finish
  • Carbon Reflex Silencer
  • Sling Swivels
  • Multi-Adjustable Picatinny Bipod

Brocock Compatto Deluxe


  • Precharged from a dive cylinder or high pressure pump delivering a shot capacity of 90 shots at 12 foot pounds or 27+ shots at 27 foot pounds
  • Three power settings of low medium and high
  • Removable self indexing 10 shot rotary magazine
  • Synthetic ambidextrous stock
  • 2D adjustable butt pad
  • Super-efficient Slingshot hammer system
  • Two Stage trigger
  • Resettable safety catch
  • Full length, built in fully baffled silencer with optional adaptor for second stage silencer
  • Weight 2.7 kg (5.9 lbs)
  • Length 864 mm (34 inches)
  • .177, .22, cal


  1. Compatto Deluxe – £749
  2. Compatto – £607
  3. Compatto Deluxe FAC – £764
  4. Compatto – £607